WIFI Services

Nortech IT offer a range of Wifi solutions for schools and businesses. We install both UniFi and Ruckus WIFI systems which are renowned for their reliability and security. Efficient, secure and affordable; WiFi is essential for smooth running communication and networking of any business or school. For businesses reliable WiFi helps maintain and expand marketing opportunities and increase productivity and efficiency.
In education a successful WiFi system enhances and expands the learning opportunities and IT experience of both students and teachers. Social and educational activities are greatly improved and managed with a successful WiFi system.

We install access points using 802.11AC allowing up to 5X faster connection speeds than 802.11N.




Ruckus WIFI

Adaptable and fast; Ruckus WiFi meets all the challenges posed by an ever changing world. If your WiFi is struggling to cater for larger customer or employee numbers, is under performing in a difficult building environment, or is just not up to speed, then it's time to use Ruckus.
Ruckus is always great value for money and has the option of an outdoor or indoor wireless access point to suit any budget. Ruckus always offers consistently great WiFi performance and every Ruckus AP comes with a superb range of patented technologies that come as standard regardless of which package you choose.

  • Ultra fast and Reliable Wi-Fi Access
  • Indoor Wi-Fi Access
  • OutdoorWi-Fi Access


WIFI for education

Enhance the educational experience on campus with Ruckus Wi-Fi
Today reliable WiFi is a necessity in any school or college. For students, teachers and support staff; the availability of high speed, dependable and secure Wi-Fi is as essential to school and college life as any other utility.

The introduction of new technologies into the classroom and lecture hall has increased collaboration between students and teachers. Even beyond the walls of the class WiFi is an essential part of the educational and social lives of every student and teacher. Reliable WiFi is at the heart of successful communication networking.

Ruckus are leading the way when it comes to delivering an unbeatable Wi-Fi system in college and school environments. All major aspects of school and college life; from presentations to gaming, social media to conferences, are dependant on effective and secure WiFi. A multitude of diverse IT devices all rely upon a consistent, safe and high performing Wi-Fi service. That service is delivered by Ruckus to staff, students and guests alike.



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Business WIFI

To survive in today's market all businesses need fast and reliable WiFi, and this is especially the case when it comes to small and medium sized enterprises and organisations. To maintain a competitive edge these businesses require the same secure, speedy and dependable Wi-Fi as their larger competitors; but without incurring the same costs.

For the small to medium sized enterprise; affordable WiFi usually means compromising on the versatility and efficiency of the system. The advantages and reliability of more expensive systems are simply beyond the reach of most smaller businesses; at least that was the situation until the arrival of Ruckus!

Ruckus delivers the features, WiFi performance, and dependability every business needs, but at a cost that is affordable and value for money. With Ruckus virtually all our advanced features are entirely automated; so you can focus on the important things while Ruckus delivers high performance-grade WiFi to your business or organisation.


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