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Our choice of projectors range from budget-friendly to advanced networking options. Our projectors come with premium audio and wireless moderator display controls as standard and also quick and easy setup tools.

Our projectors boast easy cleaning and minimal glare as they come with a specially coated durable surface. 20 programmable 'quick keys' allow you to open your favourite applications at a single touch. Notes and annotations can be easily converted to text and saved.

Offering brands including; Epson, Hitachi & NEC





Interactive Projectors

The versatility of our Interactive Projectors means that they can be used with standard classroom whiteboards, eliminating the need for a dedicated electronic whiteboard. Incorporating a range of interactive functions; these projectors are network ready, high performing and feature 3LCD technology. Short throw technology ensures optimum quality images at a minimum distance making them ideal for the classroom.

Interactive projectors
Hitachi Projectors

Large room projectors

Our extra bright projectors are specifically designed to compensate for strong ambient light which is usually found in large rooms and lecture halls. Colour, quality and sharpness are never compromised and our advanced projectors provide robust wireless security.


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