HoverCam T3

The HoverCam T3 started a technology revolution in education as the world’s first high-resolution USB document camera. Not just the first, it remains the best. We engineered the T3 to leverage the processing power of the computer so it no longer needs the large and expensive optical parts found in traditional document cameras. Moreover, with our strength as a software developer, we gave the T3 and all our products HoverCam Flex software to scan, record voice & video, remote conference and manage files which is why the T3 is so much more than just a “document camera”.



Audio and Video Recording: Unlimited AVI files saved directly to hard drive, Picture-in-Picture
Sensor Recording: Select region on any screen to record
Annotation: Freehand, Text, Highlighter, Answer Mask, Shapes
Picture-in-Picture: Display and/or record PIP from a second video camera
Interactive White Board Integration: Share live video on SmartBoard, Promethean, eBeam, Mimio into IWB
Included through easy Drag-and-Drop• Twain Driver
Image Rotation: 360 degrees
Controls: Auto White Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Freeze Frame,Zoom and Scroll: Patent Pending 16X Smooth Digital
Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7 Mac Intel/PPC OS X 10.5+
MSI: Included
Archive Manager: Full file management, importing and exporting of files, Stacking/Collating multiple files into PDF or TIFF
OCR: Included with Text-to-Speech
Drag-and-Drop Images or Video Files: Patent Pending Fast-Action Drag-and-Drop of any video or image files
Auto-Straightening: Included
Auto-Cropping: Automatic trimming enables quick batch scanning
Time Lapse Photography: Take Snapshots at user specified time intervals and save as PDF of TIFF
HoverCam Connect: Enables user to share a common virtual whiteboard, Annotation from multiple users over shared video feed, Highly interactive distance learning
3rd Party Collaborative Work Environment: Integration with Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, through screen sharing with Picture-in-Picture

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