Genee Powerboard 88″ Interactive Whiteboard

The Genee Powerboard is an infrared interactive whiteboard, which works as a virtual aid for teachers and presenters to directly present information displayed on a computer screen to their audience. The Genee Powerboard range enlivens your lesson, business presentation or training session. Designed to provide a platform to boost interactivity, the Genee Powerboard is available in a wide range of configurations and sizes, enabling you to tailor the right solution to accommodate your needs.


Surface: Hard Surface
Technology: Infrared
Touch System: Finger/Pen/Wand
Points: 4
Touch Range: 72″ x 52″(1817 x 1323mm)
Resolution: Maximum of 39161 x 39161
Response Time: First Dot 16ms, Continuous dot 8ms
Cursor Speed: 125 dots/second
Co-ordinate Accuracy: 1mm
Power Consumption: ≤95mA
Port: USB
Projection Area: 1741 x 1303mm
Frame Size: 1988 x 1465 x 49mm
Operation System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Accessories: 3 interactive pens (red, black and blue), eraser, pen tray

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