Online Backup



We offer encrypted backups to the cloud, ensuring your data is safe.

Online backup or ‘cloud’ backup is a method of storing your data in an offsite location away from your office/home/etc. The main purpose of this type of backup is to prevent loss of data from things like fire, theft, natural disaster or more commonly hacking attacks that encrypt your data and render it useless.

There are a number of benefits to having this type of backup solution:


This is one of the biggest benefits – we can use multiple types of backup (USB flash or hard drives) but these require physical handling and transporting offsite which is not convenient. With Online Backup the solution is automated your data is backed up on a schedule which can be hourly/daily or weekly depending on your needs.


Since your data is stored offsite in a remote location these sites themselves have multiple servers which will hold your data thus the chances of you losing the backups are extremely low. The backups are also encrypted and this protects against data loss from hack attacks from 3rd parties on the backup providers end.


Most providers will store multiple copies of your data – thus if you were backing up each night for example but needed to restore data from a week ago this is possible.

Easily accessible

All you need to restore your data is an internet connection since the backups are stored in the cloud. This is a massive advantage since you don’t need to rely on your onsite backup server in the office being available and working just when you need to restore data… i.e. no hardware is required to restore data when needed. You can even restore to alternate pc’s/laptops should the need arise.



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