Interactive whiteboard


Interactive Whiteboard

Nortech IT have been installing and supporting interactive technologies for many years. Today there are many brands of interactive whiteboards on the market at different levels of quality, functionality and price.

We have extensive experience supplying and installing a wide range of interactive whiteboards and are familiar with the functionality of each board on the market so we can always recommend the board best suited to your needs and budget.

Interactive whiteboards enable you to deliver interactive presentations to large groups of people. Genee Powerboard is Genee World’s high-spec interactive whiteboard range, displaying the contents of the presenter’s computer screen, and using infrared technology to detect touch from any object, including fingers or the coloured pens provided. Multiple users can interact with the screens simultaneously.

Using the 20 programmable quick keys, you can open your favourite applications at a single touch. A specially coated durable porcelain surface offers minimal glare and easy cleaning. Notes and annotations can be converted to text and saved.

Our Interactive Whiteboards come bundled with Genee Spark




Genee Powerboard 78″ & 105″, Interactive whiteboards

The Genee Powerboard allows users to directly present information displayed on a computer screen to an audience. It is an infrared interactive whiteboard which works as a virtual aid and is easy to use. The Genee Powerboard is available in a choice of sizes and configurations; and will greatly benefit presentations, training sessions and lessons while providing a platform to enhance interactivity.


Interactive whiteboards



Interactive whiteboards

Genee Sense, Whiteboard Sensor

The Genee Sense can be attached to a flat surface or whiteboard. This allows for a traditional whiteboard to be used as an interactive whiteboard and it only takes a few minutes to set up. The Genee Sense is optimized for both lectures and presentations, allowing for maximum impact by simply connecting to a computer and a projector.

The Genee Sense can be easily moved to different classrooms and is simply mounted onto the whiteboard magnetically.



Genee Spark

Genee Spark has been designed to work on LED touchscreens and interactive whiteboards. It delivers the very best that versatile and powerful interactive screen software has to offer. One of Genee Spark's key advantages is that it provides an vast canvas area to the user or teacher. Objects can be highlighted, edited or managed as the software will run over the top of other applications. The software also allows for documents and images to be imported from the internet or local files.

Interactive whiteboards



 Our Interactive whiteboard

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