Interactive flatscreen


Interactive flatscreens


Interactive Touchscreens

Nortech IT Solutions offer the latest and most advanced Interactive Touchscreens developed by Prowise.

  • 10-points touch
  • Scratch-proof glass plate
  • Wide-area microphone
  • Insensitive to incident light
  • Plug & Play
  • Integrated Soundbar
  • Multi-writing
  • Ultra HD PC Module
  • Windows 8 certified





Superior image quality

The high-quality 4K Ultra HD screen offers images are so detailed they seem almost lifelike. The glass panel is scratch resistant and anti-reflective, delivering a clear view of the screen regardless of where you are in the classroom.

Interactive flatscreens


Interactive flatscreens

Write naturally with the ProWrite pen

Used with our Pro Line Touchscreens; the ProWrite pen offers a writing choice that feels and delivers just like a regular pen. It offers immediate response and allows for variations in line density and quality. The Pro Line Touchscreen allows for a natural style of writing which until now was not possible. One ProWrite pen can be used on the Pro Line Touchscreen at any one time, however students can simultaneously write on the screen using a stylus pen or their fingers. By being able to rest their hand on the screen with no adverse results, students can write naturally as they would in any other situation.


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